Nos témoignages

WEB SERIES #5  23/06/2020

Testimony of Sophie - communications manager at Kuzzle

Tadeo solution enabled Sophie to adapt her workplace and continue to perform her duties as communications & marketing manager. Tadeo gives her information "that an automatic transcription cannot do" and allows her to be independant at her work.

WEB SERIES #4  08/06/2020

Testimony of Maurice – Deaf computer engineer at Amadeus

Maurice explains the usefulness of Tadeo in the performances of his duties and in particular during his international exchanges thanks to our video-interpretation of French sign language to English and the Live Speech Transcription (LST) in English.

WEB SERIES #3  27/05/2020

Testimony of Virginie Delalande – Coach and Founder of Handicapower

She explains how she uses Tadeo daily: from her home or from anywhere in the world, to call her clients, for her coaching sessions, for training sessions or even her video meetings.

WEB SERIES #2  13/05/2020

Testimony of Juliette – deaf virologist at Evotec

She tells us how Tadeo is easy to use and allows her to schedule meetings with her colleagues, whether in the office or through Webex videoconferencing while she is teleworking at this time.

WEB SERIES #1  30/04/2020

Testimony of Julie Walkowiak- UX designer at Danone.

She tells us how Tadeo allowed her to be completely independent in her work : Videoconferences in French or English, phone calls ...